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Hey, here’s a special ~Acoustic Mix~ of “Summer of ‘09”. No specific reason. Not a release or a preview of any upcoming thing. Just for shits.

I originally wrote this song back in 2010 for my album Erase This, but it didn’t really fit with the rest of that album. So I gave it to ALL CAPS and they recorded it for their album Bmin/E.

Then when christiancaldeira and I started The Caulden Road, we re-recorded the song with meghantonjes in 2011. You can stream/buy our original studio rock version on our website. Or just listen to this acoustic mix. =)

Gah, I love Christian and Meghan’s voices. ♥ ♥ ♥

Alan, this is GORGEOUS.

This song is one of my all-time favorite songs to come from YouTube.


straight boys think girls can’t take compliments, and that’s ridiculous cause i’ve seen so many girls compliment each other, i’ve seen conversations & friendships blossom from girls complimenting each other in line, on the street, at school waiting for the bus, pretty much anywhere.

the problem is straight boys think sexual harassment & assault are compliments.

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There are some places so beautiful they can make a grown man break down and weep. I should know. But what the hell, the natural world is beautiful everywhere, from the sand dunes of Cape Cod to the sand dunes of Baja California. This rockpile in Utah is special for me mainly because this is part of my home. I live here.
Edward Abbey on Arches National Park (where he lived and worked seasonally in 1956 and 1957)

I feel very similarly.

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#weeklyritasrun. Much needed. @ritasiceutah #ritassummerfun



The official poster of the 2015 Women’s World Cup is beautiful



Redesign of Cybermen from Doctor Who.

Learning some stuff about painting metals.

I was trying to figure out what this reminded me of; it was on the tip of my tongue. (Is that what you say when you’re not actually speaking but instead trying to think of something? Or is there another phrase to describe the act of not being able to make a connection when alone?)

Anyway… This is totally Tony Stark’s Cyberman. Or what Iron Man would look like if he were a Cyberman. Something to that effect.


I can barely believe this, but this is a real-life photo I took of our real-life galaxy. 120 second exposure from the top of Blue Mountian last night.